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frequently asked questions


what is the cost to enter?

The submission fee is $300 per entry.

Student submissions are free.

are there eligibility guidelines?

To be eligible, PRODUCTS should be introduced to market between September 2020 and September 2021.

PROJECTS should be completed between September 2020 and September 2021, with the exception of the On the Boards categories, which are reserved for in-progress projects.

PEOPLE should be active design professionals, including designers, architects, and manufacturers.

STUDENTS should be graduates or undergraduates enrolled in an accredited design program. Products should have launched or exhibited, either in conjunction with a class or a (virtual) show in 2021.

what information will i need to enter?

To submit a PRODUCT entry, you will be asked for the following information:

-your contact information

-product/category name and description (500 words maximum, in English)

-product/collection introduction date

-manufacturer information

-1-3 high resolution product images (minimum 350dpi, JPEG, 8x10" or 10x8")

-link to product video (optional)


To submit a PROJECT entry, you will be asked for the following information:

-your contact information

-official project name, location and description  (500 words maximum, in English)

-project press release/documentation

-size and cost per sq. ft. (cost will not be published)

-project completion date

-design firm information

-8-10 high resolution project images (minimum of 350dpi, JPEG, 8x10" or 10x8")

-link to project/walkthrough video (optional)


To submit a PEOPLE entry, you will be asked for the following information:

-your contact information

-nominee name, location, job title, and email address

-brief bio

-cv/resume (optional)


-minimum of 2 project or product examples to prove why they are the best of 2021 

-project completion dates OR product launch dates

-project OR product descriptions

-8-10 high resolution project images (minimum of 350dpi, in JPEG format) OR 1-3 high resolution product images (minimum of 350dpi, in JPEG format)

what categories are available this year?

View the 2021 list of categories here

is there a limit to how many entries i can submit?

No, there is no limit to the number of entries you may submit. Each entry can be submitted to one category at a time. If you would like to submit the same entry to additional categories, you will have the option to duplicate your entry at the end of the form. If you would like to duplicate an entry that has already been submitted, you can go to your completed entries under "My Account" and click "copy".

can i start my entry then return to it later?

Yes, you may begin your entry, save, and revisit it at any time. To access your in-progress entries, go to the "my account" link on the top righthand side of the page. You will find a menu on the left with "My Entries".

can i duplicate an entry?

Yes. If you would like to copy over information from one entry to a new entry you may use the checkbox on the last page of the entry form. You may then make changes to the entry copy or enter the same submission to additional categories.

can i edit or change my entry once it has been submitted?

If you need to make a vital change to a submitted entry, please email awards@interiordesign.net

how will i know if i am a finalist?

You will receive an email if your product or project is chosen as a finalist in November 2021. This email will be sent to the contact email address used on the entry form. A list of finalists will also be posted on InteriorDesign.net and on boyawards.com.

how will I know if i've won?

Winners will be announced in December 2021. Further details on the 2021 Best of Year Awards ceremony will be announced at a later date.

what do i get if i win?

Winners are honored during a ceremony hosted by editor in chief, Cindy Allen.


In addition, winners will be featured in an upcoming issue of Interior Design and be celebrated via digital coverage.


Winners and honorees are both featured in an online gallery on InteriorDesign.net, receive creative assets for use on digital and print marketing materials, and will qualify for exclusive advertising opportunities with Interior Design.

are all submissions published?

Due to the sheer number of entries we receive, we cannot publish every submission--this honor is reserved for winners and honorees. Winners will be featured in an upcoming issue of Interior Design and both winners and honorees appear on InteriorDesign.net. 


how are entries selected?

Product entries will go into a public product gallery and will be voted on by the A+D community from September 27 - October 11, 2021. Following public voting, the results are reviewed by an Interior Design editorial panel.

Project entries will be judged by an Interior Design editorial panel. Projects do not receive a public voting period.

how can i vote?

Visit the online gallery between September 27 - October 11 and use the list on the right hand side of the page to navigate through the categories.

can i vote more than once?

Yes, you are encouraged to vote as many times as you wish, but you may only vote once per category per day.

am i allowed to promote my entry on social media to encourage votes?

Yes, we will provide a digital seal for you to use in your marketing efforts. You are encouraged to promote voting through your marketing channels.



Winners will be announced during a December ceremony hosted by editor in chief, Cindy Allen. 


2021 winners will be announced at a virtual ceremony hosted by Editor in Chief Cindy Allen December 6-10, 2021


DesignTV® by SANDOW on the homepage of InteriorDesign.net and Interior Design's Facebook page.


how can i sponsor the best of year awards?

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Best of Year, please contact your regional director, 917.934.2882 or idsales@interiordesign.net.